11 juillet 2006


On July 1st, China opens its Tibet Railway. Tibetans oppose the Railway on the grounds that it is a tool Beijing will use to overwhelm the Tibetan population, exploit Tibet's resources, dilute Tibetan culture and devastate the Tibetan environment. We declare July 1st a Black Day for Tibet, and wear these black armbands to express our rejection of the Railway. We reject the Railway just as we reject China's illegitimate rule in Tibet.

SFT-France protested in Front of Chinese embassy (they know us very well now !). This is some photos about this Action, but you should visit http://www.rejecttherailway.com/ to see the internationnal determination against this railway, and http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org to see the BIG Action in BEIJING !


DSC00137     DSC00136  DSC00128

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