07 mai 2008

The olympic torch in Paris

1The Olympic flame in


April 07th, 2008

The passage of the Olympic flame in


provoked a lot of questions and stirred the commitment of the French for Tibetan cause.

Numerous journalists have recall movements unprompted, it is sure that some persons spontaneously went along the course of the flame with a Tibetan flag to be seen, but it is necessary to know that most part of the demonstrator were aware there of what would take place.

Several Tibetan or activists in favour of Tibetan cause came by coaches from




to support us in the demonstration of our opposition to the passage of the Olympic Torch in the



The members of the international network of student for a free


, besides came from the

United States

and showed a streamer in which they could read “no Olympic flame in the



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Commentaires sur The olympic torch in Paris

  • Dalai disqualified as a "negotiator"

    Dalai has appeared to be a representative of Tibetan people. So let's discuss by which standard can he declare he is able

    to represent Tibet.

    Dalai is a representative of theocracy in Tibet before the New China was founded in 1949. His serfdom system had long been

    lagging behind the democratic systems in other countries, not to mention the de facto slavery at his rule. Serfdom and slavery

    were the two most hated backward things that no one wants to esteem. Freedom and democracy, which Dalai now repeatedly extols,

    denounce the old serfdom and slavery systems.

    At the time being, Dalai has only two choices. One is to be a living Buddha and keeps himself away from politics; the other

    one is to be a person who really cares for people and who has no religious belief. He cannot be both. However, even if he takes

    off his cassock, he still has to admit he is a Chinese citizen. Chinese citizens have to uphold the Constitution which protects

    the unity of China's sovereignty. As a Chinese citizen, Dalai should comply with China's laws and stop separating his country.

    He is surely disqualified as a negotiator for the upcoming talks.

    Posté par ominini, 02 juillet 2008 à 04:47 | | Répondre
  • Where can he go?

    Dalai Lama has declared time and again that Tibet is part of China, and so is Taiwan. But when it comes to action, he

    resorted to the Western countries for mediation in internal affairs of China. It makes people doubt whether he is intended to

    solve the conflict in a peaceful matter within the jurisdiction of China.

    China's central government has brought about major economic progress, as well as democracy, to Tibet which has made

    Tibetans' human rights improving significantly, as compared to the past times when Dalai ruled. It should be a basis of trust

    to admit the reality when the central government and Dalai Lama sit down and negotiate.

    I suppose it must be a real tiring thing for him to fly non-stop around the globe at his age. However, does what he has

    done so far, lead to a beneficial result for Tibetan residents as well as people of other ethnic groups living in China, as we

    expect? He surely has to think carefully. Time is not on his side, neither power nor the truth is. He needs to be both rich in

    political wits and valor during his following talks with the central government. He needs to respect history and progress. Back

    to the mainstream thinking and be a lawful and responsible citizen first! Otherwise, he will be totally abandoned by both his

    people and the history.

    Posté par hityu, 02 juillet 2008 à 04:48 | | Répondre
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